Trans Gender

Trans Gender Referral

Some clients want to make a permanent transition through surgery to align themselves with the correct gender that they relate to physically and mentally. This is call Transgender reassignment. If you are seeking assistance we can offer a private and supportive guidance service from enquiry through to surgical recommendations.


Other Surgeries

Payment Plan

Planning a budget

It is important for you to have as clear a picture as possible of what costs you are going to need to budget and allow for. There are several key areas and if you know these upfront then there should be no hidden surprises.

MAC Credit - Medical & Cosmetic Credit

Absolute Beauty Asia are an 'Official Finance Referral Partner' of MacCredit. If you need help with finding the funds to pay for your procedures, MacCredit will help you to find the best solution for you.

Global Protective Solutions

Global Protective Solutions is specialty medical travel coverage designed to meet the needs of the medical traveler or medical tourist. Complete the below to get pricing and enrollment instructions for medical travel coverage participation specifically designed for those who are having a medical procedure(s) outside of their country of residence.