Pre & Post Departure Information

Pre & Post Departure Information

General Information

Care in Bali - Ms Nohana is our hospital representative at Bali Royal Hospital. Mr Made is ABA Liaison Country Manager & Ms Wayan Karwiani is the ABA contact and client attendant.

Care in Thailand - Ms Unchulee is the ABA representative contact and client attendant.


If ABA has made your accommodation arrangements then your holiday includes all airport and medical transfers, including follow up appointments. If you would like any Dental or pampering treatments these need to be pre-booked to ensure they do not interfere with your planned surgery. If time does allow then we will assist you in making the appointments and transfer you to/from your appointments.

We will confirm all appointments during your holiday, as they will depend on your how you feel and your recovery. Please note that we ask you to give as much notice as possible for all appointments and transfers, as surgeons, dentists and other services are usually extremely busy.

Your contacts in each country are available 24 hours for emergencies during your time away and you can also call our office in Australia - we have extended office hours, including weekends and evenings.

Arrival in Airport and Pick up

You will be arriving at either, Denpasar International Airport,  Phuket International Airport and in Malaysia either KLIA or LCCT.

The airports are well signposted; just follow the signs to find your baggage and customs.

After you collect your baggage and go through customs, you will come out through doors with a lot of people holding signs. If we have arranged your transfers then look for a driver holding a sign with your name on it.  Please do not leave the area until we/you find us, if you are unable to locate our driver, please refer to the numbers below.

It will take about 30- 60 minutes to get to your hotel depending on the traffic and time of day/night that you arrive. Depending on the time that you arrive, your consultation could be on the same day as your arrival or at a pre-arranged time. Please check your itinerary although sometimes changes are made at short notice.

Welcome Briefing

On the day that you arrive, or the following day, our representative will take you through your holiday itinerary– surgery and other treatments that you would like. Please use this time to confirm all details, times etc. as well as letting her know of other treatments or activities you would like to do so we can plan all appointments.

Important information on Surgeons

There is a possibility that surgery times and even date may change occasionally due to emergencies or sickness. Post-surgery appointment times can change as well.  We ask that you be understanding if this does occur as it will be out of our hands.

If you come during the major holidays then please expect delays or lesser consultations than normal.

Accommodation package

You itinerary will detail all of the inclusions listed in your accommodation package and we ask that you make yourself familiar with both the accommodation and services package If you have made your own arrangements then ensure what is and is not included in your hotel deal.


It is necessary to take before and after shots of the areas that are treated. These photos are a requirement for the surgeon's and ABA's records, so we can document your results. They will remain completely confidential. If you don't want them taken, or prefer them to be taken with swimsuit or bra, let me know, but I recommend you have them taken, as it is good reference for you as well.

Medical Compression Garments

For your comfort and better support and results, we recommend you purchase a medical compression garment. These garments are recommended by the surgeon to give you the best results, as liposuction and abdominoplasty needs compression to reduce swelling and lumps and bumps.

Your client services manager will assist you in arranging these if you have not done this before you have left.

Some surgeons include these in costing (Thailand) and some do not.


In all locations the temperature doesn't differ that much in temperature year round. It hovers between 28-32 degrees and is usually very humid. However, everywhere is air conditioned, including taxis and the train, so the heat is not uncomfortable.

Packing Tips for packing

If you intend to do some shopping don't pack much, you will have to pay excess baggage. All Asian destinations are modern societies so you can wear anything up to your liking. Natural fibres and casual clothing is best, such as cotton shirts and skirts are best to keep you cool. - The hotels, and most indoors (including trains), are all air-conditioned, so you can dress up when you go out. - Cover-up is necessary to keep scars out of the sun: hats, sunscreen, scarves. - If you are having any face treatments, bring a scarf for your head and face and big dark sunglasses for the first few days.

Visa & Passport Information

Bali - You will need to purchase an entry Visa for USD $45 on arrival before you precede to the immigration counters. Departure tax of 150,000 Rupiah is also payable.

Thailand - No Visa is required for stays under 3 months for the following passports: - Australia - New Zealand - UK - USA - Canada

Malaysia - No Visa is required for stays under 3 months for the following passports: - Australia - New Zealand - UK - USA - Canada

**You must have a minimum of 6 months validity in your passport to cover your departure date for each destination.


There is no requirement or need to have any vaccinations before you depart, and it is recommended not to have any unnecessary medications that may delay your recovery.

Asian Culture

In all of our destinations you find that the local people are extremely friendly and you will find they go out of their way to help you. However, you must be aware that there are culture differences, especially in regards to the western understanding of time. You may find that they are not focused on specific appointment times, as they are people orientated rather than time orientated. Please be patient and understand that this is not a reflection on the quality, it is simply a cultural difference. Along with this, your appointments may be changed at short notice, especially surgery consultations, due to emergency surgeries that the surgeon may have to do. Do not worry about this, your appointment may just be delayed, not cancelled, and you will always get your consultation as soon as the surgeon becomes available. All our surgeons are always as flexible as possible, working at nights and on weekends, so you will always been seen, although not always given a specific time. This flexibility is also beneficial to you, so you can make or change your appointment should you wish at short notice.

Before Surgery

(Advice from the surgeon) Do not take Vitamin E, medication containing Aspirin (such as Motrin and Advil) which could result in excessive bleeding. Some dietary supplements - herbs, mixing herbal medications may cause similar problems. A separate flyer will be made available to you at the time of booking.

It is important to stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery. Smoking is known to delay healing since the blood supply to the skin is reduced. To minimize possible complications such as skin loss and big scarring, smokers must stop from using tobacco. Nicorette gum and nicotine patches release the harmful vasoconstrictor and cannot be used. Do not eat or have any fluids the night before the surgery (you will be told by the surgeon what time you need to fast from).

What to take for your Hospital Stay

Wear loose, comfortable clothing

Bring with you:

  • Nightgown
  • Toiletries: toothbrush and paste, towel
  • No valuables, small amount of money needed only for snacks and drinks
  • Reading material - magazines
  • Any medications
  • Contact lenses or glasses
  • Healthy snacks
  • Bottled water
Currency and Payment and general information

Bali: Bali’s currency is Rupiah
Thailand: Thailand’s currency is Baht

Malaysia : Malaysia's currency is Ringitts

All surgery and treatment prices quoted are for planning purposes only to assist you in budgeting. These prices are for standard, non-complicated cases, based on the information that you have given. Prices can change if you have not given an accurate picture of yourself, if you have not provided accurate medical information which will affect your surgery, or if you change your surgery treatments. Please take into consideration that any different or additional surgery, nights in hospital, medications, personal nursing must be paid to the hospital at the time of care.


Australian content of your surgical quote, 50% deposit on surgery estimation Surgery balances in full 4 weeks before arrival or at the time of admission.

**any outstanding balance outside of the above payments to be paid in full at the time of admissions.  Any over-payments or refunds will be arranged for you at the time of admission**

Credit Card

If you are planning to pay by credit card, please check with your bank before traveling that you have enough credit, and also inform them that you are traveling so they do accept the transaction. This smooths the payment process for your own peace of mind, and also ensure that your surgery goes ahead as planned. If payment in full is not made the hospital reserves the right not to go ahead with surgery. There are no fees placed on credit cards by the hospital, although your bank may impose its own credit card fees and/or currency conversion rates.

The prices are all inclusive of the surgical procedure and hospital costs and follow up consultations as specified in your Itinerary, take home medication at the time of discharge is included in the package, however if you require any diagnostic tests or additional medication, including additional cream for applying at the surgery site, sleeping medication or hypertension or diabetic medication or antibiotics, please pay for these direct to the hospital. If you stay longer in the hospital than advised, you will also be required to pay for additional hospital nights.

Exchange rate

The final amount that you pay in your currency is subject to the exchange rate of the day. Please check the exchange rate regularly before departure to budget for your surgery. ABA only offers an exchange rate at the time of booking, which may differ from the time that you make actual payment. The hospital and ABA are not responsible for differences in exchange rates with what is originally quoted at booking to the time that payment is made. You can check this online currency converter before you depart to budget for your surgery:

Change only a small amount of money before your surgery, just to cover small expenses, your garments, and meals you want in the first days. After your surgery you can change more money at the hotel or in the shopping centres. Nearly everywhere takes credit card – Visa or Mastercard – for shopping, however you will need cash shopping in the markets or taking taxis or the monorail.

Please note that American Express (AMEX) may not be widely accepted in the shops, except major shopping malls.

Non-surgical treatments

There are lots of other treatments that you can have throughout your holiday. Most prices for these are 50-75% of the prices that you pay at home. If you would like a consultation, please ask your manager at your welcome briefing. All treatments are subject to your surgeons discretion and suitability and are dependent on your surgical progress as to whether you are able to proceed with non-surgical treatments.


It is necessary to take before and after shots of the areas that are treated. These photos are a requirement for the surgeon's and ABA’s records, so we can document your results. They will remain completely confidential. If you don't want them taken, or prefer them to be taken with swimsuit or bra, let us know, but we recommend you have them taken, as it is good reference for you as well.

Post-Operative "Depression"

After surgery, it is completely natural to have a couple of 'down' days. A lot of our patients experience times of sadness or anxiety in the recovery period. They begin to second guess and wonder if it was the right decision to have the surgery. Also, you may have expected to feel and look better immediately but instead after surgery you will have some definite 'ugly' days! These feeling are completely normal, they don't last for long, and you are not alone in your feelings. You may experience a period of depression or marked sadness after your surgery due to the anesthesia or medications. Added to the fact is that you are bedridden, bruised and swollen. Also, the period of adrenaline prior to surgery is now gone, so some people are drained after the anticipation stress goes.

Every person differs with their pain and discomfort, but most people will have a hard couple of days immediately after surgery. There are some remedies that can help you get on your feet and feel better again. Drinking plenty of water helps greatly with recovery, as does the herbal supplement "Arnica". This is the time your body needs rest so please allow yourself this recovery time.

Finally, just being aware that you will go through these feelings will make you better able to cope in the difficult first days, so if you feel depressed, understanding that this is a "natural" phase of the healing process may help you to cope with this emotional state. It is important to keep things in perspective and prepare your mind and understand that this is just a low that you are going through temporarily. If you need extra support, speak with our support team, or your surgeon.

Please also ensure that you read the Medications Information Sheet – if you feel there are some concerns with regards to medications you currently take and how they will affect your surgery then please let us know. It is your responsibility to fully disclose all medications that you are currently taking along with any herbal medicines.


Please be honest with yourself - you are having surgery and you will not look like a magazine shoot after your treatment.  Surgery is surgery and you will bruise, feel uncomfortable and not be the initial picture you first thought.  Your body needs to go through further post surgery changes and these take time.  Surgery is not a perfecting science nor a provider of miracles.  You need to understand that healing can take a while and you will not see your final results till to 6 months.

Assistance Guarantee / Extra Assurance Option and Disclaimer

Most clients feel quite nervous before they travel and they start to relax when they see the quality of the hospital, and also meet our team, surgeons and nurses. In general, if you have realistic expectations about your surgery, if you understand that some side effects are usual eg. scarring, swelling and pain, and if you also have a healthy body opinion, then you will be pleased with your surgery results.

Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions, Our Assistance Guarantee and that you have also read through your Medical Consent Forms.

Extra Assurance is a non compulsory option that will cover your flights and accommodation should it be deemed necessary to return for revision or refinement surgery - conditions apply. Not available in Thailand.

Contact Numbers

Please make a note of these contact numbers and give them to your family and friends:

Michele @ ABA +61 412 064 635 / 03 8802 0521 / Skype michelegg1963

BALI - ABA Country Liaison & Made Puja: +62 81 7978 9001
THAILAND - ABA Country Liaison & Unchulee - TBC
MALAYSIA - ABA Country Liason - Ms Rosalind Charles +601 6636 2046


  • TH, Perth WA
    Bali 2017

    Hi Michele, The tummy tuck was the best thing I have ever done. It has given me a new surge with life, regarding nutrition, well being and fitness. My recovery down time was exactly like you said. I am 8 weeks post op, I have taken it easy, like instructed, and now I am getting back to training to where I was before. The hospital and staff in Bali were awesome, and very professional. I am keeping in contact with a few of the nurses (via Instagram). This is a decision I am very pleased I went with. I was a little nervous at first, but thanks to Michele for her thorough information, and any questions I had, the whole transition was very smooth. So Thankyou Michele, you are a game changer!!

  • PM, Melbourne Vic
    Breast Augmentation
    KL 2016

    I chose Absolute Beauty Asia when I met Michele at the Every Woman Expo in 2015. I'd wanted to get breast augmentation for about 20 years but was too scared. That changed when I met Michele. I immediately felt comfortable and excited at the prospect of going through with surgery. I was reassured and informed right from the get go and 6 months later I arrived in KL. My customer support lady was the best and we are still firm friends. The surgeon made me feel supported in my decision and I was treated with care and professionalism at all times. I cannot speak highly enough of everyone that was involved in my journey. I am extremely happy with the results and cannot speak highly enough of Michele and her team.

  • CF, Melbourne Vic
    Bariatric Surgery
    KL 2016

    I cannot thank yourself, Rosalind, Dr. Tikfu Gee and his team enough for your major roll in my new life and the future I now have before me. The whole experience has been so easy with your help guiding me through the process here of payments and paperwork and completely organising everything with the doctors, hospital and accommodation over there. All I had to do was show up!

  • A & E, YS Melbourne Vic
    Breast Surgery KL 2013

    I had previously been to PCMC and found the hospital to be absolutely amazing. My treatment there was just fantastic. Results perfect. The staff truly cared so much for me. I'll be back.

  • CL Melbourne Vic
    Breast Surgery KL 2013

    We went to PCMC (mother and daughter) when my daughter had surgery as I wanted to view the facilities for myself - Wow, nothing like we have here in Australia for a private hospital. Although I was not a patient I was blown away by the service and attention that was given to my daughter (ML). I would highly recommend anyone to PCMC. Wonderful staff, nursing and surgeons. Also Absolute Beauty staff were just the best. Thank you Michele - very caring and thorough person.

  • G, Melbourne Vic
    Dental Treatments 2013

    Thank you ABA for all your help when I had my dental procedures done at BIMC. I am so happy with my results. BIMC - Fantastic. Natalie Fantastic. Michele Fantastic. ABA left no stone unturned and the attention and level of service was exceptional.

  • AS, International
    Multiply Surgery KL 2013

    My attention, care and support at PCMC 110%, surgical results and skills 120%, Absolute Beauty Asia 150% - so on the ball. No secrets, tell it as it is surgery and the kindness and support that was given during my recovery and return - spot on. Highly recommended. Don't leave anything to chance. You can go cheap and cheerful or go where your health and well being really mean something. Well done ABA. Thank you Michele.

  • SH WA
    Breast Surgery Phuket 2013

    Thank you for making everything work out so well for me in such a short space of time. I can't believe the change in how I look - I am so pleased as is a much relieved husband. Everything went like clockwork. PIAC was fabulous, surgeon excellent and of course my support person Unchulee was so wonderful. I would highly recommend using ABA. The follow ups, txts, emails and calls - never left in the dark or worried. Should have done it sooner.

  • AM, Kuala Lumpur
    Male Liposuction KL 2014

    I recently had my surgery with Dr Yap at Prince Court Medical Centre in KL. ABA made the entire process flow so smoothly. Michele spent time answering all my questions and directed me to literature to ensure I knew exactly what my surgery entailed. At not one point did I feel pressured to go ahead if I didnt want to - in fact on the morning of the procedure the surgeon again (Dr Yap) told me that if I was unsure I could walk away with a complete refund. This really was about patient satisfaction. Michele kept in contact during the arranging...

  • HAP, NT
    Breast Lift & Breast Surgery KL 2014

    I have just had a breast lift and augmentation with Dr Yap and his team. They are the most amazing , professional group of people and have given me outstanding results. The Prince Court Medical Centre Hospital is also the most amazing hospital have ever set foot in. It is more like a 5 Star Hotel and the only time it ever smelt like a hospital was when I was attending theatre. I have been visiting the team daily for a week and still have few more follow ups until i return home, but have enjoyed there amazing VIP treatment. My experience...

  • JA, WA
    Face/Neck Lift, Rhinoplasty Phuket 2104

    Thank you Michele for all your energy into making my plans fall into place. You worked so hard with such care compassion and honesty to make sure I got all the information I needed to make the right decisions. Meeting with you was so lovely - yes you do as you say you will and never let me down. I cant wait to see my final results - yes I know, be patient !! Very happy to refer clients to both you and to PIAC.

  • JP, NSW
    Breast Surgery Phuket 2014

    I have had many dealings with ABA, Michele and her staff overseas. I am more than happy to recommend them to my friends, family and anyone considering having surgery overseas. Caring, professional, upfront and honest. Thank you for making a difference in my life and for my wonderful new assets.

  • W & K F, Melbourne
    Dental Implants KL 2014

    I was a dental patient at Imperial Dental Specialist Centre in March 2014 and both me and my wife had treatments. I would just like to thank Dr How and his staff for the excellent, friendly and professional service that was given to us while we were at their centre. Every aspect of our visit was 10/10 - excellent,excellent, excellent !! I have been recommending to all of my family and friends to go to KL to have their tretment done at IDSC. Michele at ABA made all of our arrangements and I have just met with her to tell her how happy and impressed we both are...

  • MW, Melbourne
    Abdominoplasty, Liposuction Bali 2014

    Hi my name is MW my story starts a long time ago. I was a bigger girl when I fell pregnant but after having my son by c-section, I was left with a large apron of skin. Even though I walked everywhere and exercised, that left over skin just wouldn't shift. So for years I lived with it. Steadily over 20 years the weight gains became more and increased the size of the apron. So in 2005 I joined a gym with my sister. I lost heaps of weight but not that apron!! Then someone suggested a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty...

  • JJ, Melbourne
    Facelift & Rhinoplasty Phuket 2014

    Michele ...Again, thank you for all your help. I am really feeling the benefits of the Absolute Post Op Support especially!! I wouldn't have found a great surgeon like Dr Rushapol without your help. And to hand the assistance of Unchelee during my stay was priceless. I think that some patients misunderstand the importance of hiring a facilitator to guide them through the process of having surgery in another country, the language barrier, finding a reputable surgeon and accommodations in a peaceful environment to heal in and now to have post op support...

  • KM, NSW
    Bariatric Sleeve Gastrectomy KL 2014

    Having being overweight my whole life, I decided to do something about it - but I knew I couldn't do it on my own, I needed help. Researching weight loss surgery online, I soon realised that I couldn't afford to have the surgery in Australia, so I started to look for places I could have it done overseas. I was concerned about whether or not a hospital outside of Australia would have the same standards as an Australian hospital. I contacted Michele at Absolute Beauty Asia, and she answered all my questions. I was able to meet with Michele before...

  • B, WA
    Breast Surgery Bali 2014

    My experience with Michele and her team in Bali was excellent. Michele made regular contact with me throughout the whole process beginning to end, including follow ups post surgery. The support team in Bali was great and I'm glad they were there to ensure I was at my appointments and hospital on time and to ensure I was cared for post surgery. Bali Royal Hospital was one of the best hospitals I have ever been in, Dr Vivi and the medical team were fantastic. I highly recommend ABA, Michele and her team and having surgery in Bali.

  • CI, SA
    Face Lift Bali 2014

    Thanks for your follow ups and emails Michele. Yes, 5 months & all is going well or perhaps I should say.. as I expected. Many of the numb areas are going & the tingling sensations are returning to the normal feeling which is weird, but I do massage the areas & use a good moisturiser, so it is looking very good.I have no regrets in having the procedure done & the professionalism of the entire experience was excellent. I knew as soon as I met Dr Vivi that she would do a great job - such a gentle nice person. There is not one thing I can complain...

  • AG, NSW
    Dental Veneers Bali 2015

    Just wanted to say thanks. The dentist at BIMC was awesome and today's treatment cost just over $400. I have another treatment next week which should be about $300 which brings my total up to @$1000 inc your fee. I honestly thought it was going to cost me over $4000 but it was so cheap!!!! Can't thank you enough for all your help and advice :-)

  • KJ - QLD
    Breast Reconstruction & Dental Restoration, KL 2015

    A heartfelt thank you to you Michele. You put in so much hard work just to make this all happen for us and we are truly grateful. Your team here in KL is outstanding. Ros has really looked after us brilliantly going over and above what we expected. We couldn't have coped without her here. We have loved it here in KL and I am plannin g for my next trip ... for other 'touch ups'. Just don't tell anyone yet! tee hee! The dentist has done an amazing job. I was in tears when I saw myself...I can't describe to you what this has done for my self-confidence...

  • WF,Melbourne
    Dental Implants & Oral Rehabilitation 2105

    Hi Everyone, this is my second visit to the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre and I cannot give it higher enough praise!! It is a well organised, ultra-modern dental surgery/clinic. The staff are all friendly and very helpful to all their clients. Dr. How Kim Chuan & Dr. Arlena Philip Lee are so so professional and well trained in their skills of dentistry. Every procedure is checked and doubled with each other to make sure that the dental procedure is completed correctly and if there are any problems, it is thoroughly discussed and explained to you before anything...

  • BT, VIC
    Bariatric Weight Loss 2015

    Hi all at ABA... I wanted to write to you and your readers to let them know of my experience and surgery in Malaysia â€" KL that I booked with ABA. I'm a 58 year old woman who has had weight issues all my life. In retrospect I recognise that as a child I wasn't overweight, rather a sturdy well built child however, I was constantly told (By my brothers) that I was ''big". As I got older and did put on weight, somehow I saw this as normal for me and allowed weight gain to continue. I wasn't obese, just overweight, until that is, I started my family...

    Bariatric Weight Loss 2015

    Hi Michele, I just wanted to send you an email to tell you how much my mum and I appreciated ABA & Ros's services whilst we were in KL. Ros was fabulous and visited me everyday, accompanying me to all of my appointments. Her nature was very caring and she is very reliable. Both myself and my mum felt very comfortable both before my surgery and after because of Ros. In my opinion she really is fabulous ather job! Dr. Gee is the best and nicest surgeon I have ever met. So caring and insightful. He even gave me his whatsapp no. to msg him whilst he was in Japan if I needed anything...