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We know you will find the information on our site to be informative,
open and upfront.  

We want to ensure you are fully informed when you make your decision to have your surgery with us and any of our associated business partners in Bali, Phuket and Malaysia. 

It is also important to us that your recovery and post care during your stay is the best we can arrange for you while not breaking the bank.  We have client service assistants in all destinations to support and aide you so you wont be on your own.

We offer fact and not fiction, surgery options for real people and not hollywood make-overs, surgical options and destinations that are familiar and comfortable. We are here to help you be the best you can be by offering you advice, guidance, facts and wonderful facilities of the highest standards.

Winners of the best Inter'l Hospital of the Year 2013-2014

PCNC Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) in Kuala Lumpur

t      Dental Bali
Bali Royal Hospital Denpasar - Best Regional Hospital
European Business Assembly Awards 2014

Bali RoyalThe Best Hospital Award project was established in 2000 to present the best regional healthcare providers, its servicesand programmes to world medical, travel and business society. The main purpose of Europe Business Assembly is defining prominent companies with their further promotion and assistance in entering EBA society, assistance in attraction of partners world-wide among EBA members due to EBA growing chain of subsidiaries and partners in 60 countries.

The Best Enterprise selection process is based upon the recommendations of the EBA partners and decision of Socrates Committee . These partners include the European Market Research Centre (Belgium), Baden-Vurtennberg Export Academy (Germany), the Association of Consultants and Marketologists (Czech Republic), the Institute of Quality Standards (Switzerland) and the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Moscow, Russia). The process also includes data collected from national and international ratings.

When considering your company to include on the register of the 'EBA. Best Enterprises. Achievements 2014' and choosing nominees for the Best regional hospital, Europe Business Assembly expert analysts are guided by the following selection criteria:

  • Wide medical staff experience
  • Multidisciplinary medical services
  • National and international accreditation, certification
  • Wide research base
  • High level of medical equipment
  • Favourable patients' reports
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Focus on patients and their satisfaction
  • Safety of treatment processes
KL: General surgery enquiries - Orthopaedic referrals (Hip & Knee replacement), 
Health & Wellness checks 

PENANG: Orthopaedic referrals (Hip & Knee replacement), Lasik - Dental,
 Health & Wellness checks

PHUKET: Short notice surgery  - Gender re-assignments

BALI: New accomodation option - Community support program - Senyum foundation 
Disclaimer : Please note that from time to time information on this site is amended or updated and may differ from direct contact you have with ABA.  Not harm, or deception is intended if this occurs and you must ensure that you fully understand information that is provided to you personally. 

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Our Non-smoking policy: Smoking can cause delayed recovery, wound breakdown and increased risk of infection. We strongly recommend that you stop smoking 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery. You may be denied surgery if you smoke and the ABA Guarantee is void for smokers.